Winning Formula: Affordability + Convenience = Value

Looking for low-cost paper shredding services? The cost to calculate this experience lands on Value, especially when you add in Convenience and Affordability. No matter if you represent a corporate entity – or just – yourself, Shred Connect offers a spectrum of services to make sure everyone has access to paper shredding.

Home shredders were once thought to hinder the bottom line of paper shredding companies. I get tons of calls from frustrated individuals who have either fried their home shredder or are exasperated over the time it takes to get through a pile of paper with sensitive information. These home shredder machines are designed to break down. Recently, I was shopping for print cartridges at a large office supply store. Someone was at the counter purchasing a home shredder when I hear the clerk tell the purchaser that he highly recommends buying the warranty so the machine can be replaced. What kind of a deal is that?!

Enter . . . options. With Shred Connect, we have many service options for any need such as mobile paper shredding, pickup paper shredding, and our popular Shred It for Less™. Shred It for Less™ is where you take your material to a location and drop it off. Your material is held secure until we shred it. And you can leave your name to receive a Certificate of Destruction. The cost is $10/box which is much less than the $1/lb. charged at popular mailbox stores and large office supply chains. Considering that a standard-size file storage box (equivalent to a copy paper box) can hold between 20-30 lbs. . . . You can see why we offer the same service .. and call it Shred It for Less™. Check out the explainer video showing a simulated Shred It for Less™ transaction.

If you have upwards of six boxes, you may want to think about the Pickup Paper Shredding option. Here, we come to you, load up your material and shred it at our facility. This video shows you a typical job. You receive a Certificate of Destruction with this service as well. The cost is significantly lower than mobile shredding and the heavy lifting is done for you. No need to be concerned with sorting or a bunch of empty boxes. Your job is left to writing the check and waving bye-bye. No mess, no fuss, only convenience and affordability. Pricing variables apply so you can either call or send in a quote request.

The mobile shredding experience is luxury in the realm of paper shredding. Not much can top the purposeful, industrial shredder. One that comes to your location. And one where you can watch the pulverization of your material. This video shows you how it works. Speaking of location, safety is priority – which is why it is our policy to make sure there is ample room for the mobile paper shredding unit. As the exclusive driver for many years, I have trimmed trees, taken out basketball hoops and climbed to the sky in Laguna Beach. This experience has gone on to form our on-site shredding policy where the driver is required to use their discretion in determining if the location is safe enough for the shred truck.

One way or the other, we value you. We want you to know there are many options for paper shredding. And we’re here to help. We look forward to meeting you!


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