It takes months to find a customer … and seconds to lose one.

–Vince Lombardi

One important part of our success is to deliver excellent customer service. We not only preach it, but we believe why have the service if you’re not going to value the customer.

From our employee manual: The customer’s experience is a reflection of you showing the customer that we respect their time and appreciate their business. Always go above and beyond. Every service begins with a smile and ends with a thank you. Be memorable, go forth and spread sunshine!

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“I have been using Shred Connect for the past 10 years. I would never consider another company to handle our private information. It’s a family-owned business that is local and cares about its customers.”

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Bruce V.

Parts Manufacturer

“It was time to retire and I had 30 years of office to clean up. The guys at Shred Connect went above and beyond and still kept smiling.”

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Manrik E.

Law Firm, Santa Ana

“My grandmother passed away and it was hard to go through her belongings. Brendan at Shred Connect was so kind and took his time, even finding a forgotten wallet with money.”

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Jessica C.

Private resident – Yorba Linda

“I work for a doctor’s office and we have used Shred Connect for the past five years. They are so kind and easy to work with. It’s hard for the doctor to pay on the spot so they let us send in payment. Such a lifesaver!”

Marjorie T.

Administrator – Doctor’s office

“I had to meet the guys out near a storage container near the airport. This place was loud, dirty and full of spiders. The guys took full control of the boxes and faced the spiders so I didn’t have to! They made my job so much easier.”

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Becky W.

Architecture and Engineering

“Every year, Shred Connect helps with our community shred event. Time and again, this company comes through. We are happy to call Shred Connect our partner.”

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Bryce S.

Real Estate Firm

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