Somebody Told Me . . . You Better Shop Around

You have made up your mind—almost—to hire a professional shredding company. You realize that your small shredder is no match for the mass of material that sits there. The longer the stack sits, the larger it becomes. A lot of times people call and say, “I’ve never done this before . . . how does it work?” This article gives you tips to have a stress-free experience in getting your material shredded.

Going Local

The good news is that there is no shortage of paper shredding providers. Trucks come from all over to service Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Diego counties. You have lots of options, yet knowing what to ask means the difference between hiring a shredding service that meets your expectations versus one that does not. For example, if you hire a shredding company and you live in Orange County, it would be good to know that the company you may use is local . . . and not driving from Los Angeles County. Choose local as unpredictable traffic incidents could mean your service provider is delayed. That’s just one consideration out of many that may or may not work for you.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask

Shred Connect recommends the Top 5 Questions you should ask when shopping around for a paper shredding service:

  1. Do you charge by the pound or box? Paper is heavy; avoid paying by the pound. Shred trucks do not carry a scale which means your end cost may be inaccurate.
  2. Do I need to remove paper clips and staples? Industrial shred equipment should not an issue with paper clips and staples.
  3. What if I don’t have my material in file boxes? Find out how the shred provider measures quantity. Shred Connect measures quantity by the box using a shred container.
  4. Are there any other costs involved? You should pay for fuel or at least not get caught by surprise when it comes time to pay.
  5. How soon can I get my material shredded? Ask the shredding provider where they are based and how soon you can get on the schedule. Typically, Shred Connect schedules service within 1-2 days of your call.

Appointment Details

Gather as much information about your upcoming appointment, including:

  • Let the scheduler know If you need assistance with getting boxes to the truck. (Shred Connect does not charge extra for this service.)
  • Request a call when the truck is within 30 minutes of arrival.
  • Find out what forms of payment are accepted.
  • Ask for a Certificate of Destruction
  • Get a list of items that cannot be shredded so you can be prepared.
Getting Ready

Just as fair as it is to know what to expect, it’s also helpful if you know how to prepare for a paper shredding appointment. Knowing what cannot be shredded and making sure your material is free from paper recycle contaminants yields a quicker appointment. Here’s a list of items that we cannot shred:

1. Book (bound)
2. Labels
3. Phone Books
4. 3-Rings Binders
5. Magazines
6. Plastic Bags*
7. Pendaflex® Floders
8. Prescription Bottles
9. Photographs
10. Bubblewrap
11. Plastic Sheet Protection
12. Seals and Stamps

Helping customers understand what to expect and prepare for the paper shredding appointment leads to an all-around, positive experience.

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