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    Shred Connect loves to do Shred Events. Arriving at the Shred Event, our team feels as popular as the neighborhood ice cream trolley on a hot summer day – a forever welcome sight. For those that want to know more about the Shred Event . . . this is when our company is hired to bring the shred truck and stay at a central location for an extended period of time. These events are either sponsored by a municipality—open to the public—or private. Public Shred Events are commonly referred to as Community Shred Events and usually coincide with Earth Day or National Arbor Day. Private Shred Events are typically by invitation for customer appreciation purposes. Here, you can find quick answers to questions such as:

    • Do you shred material in front of people?
    • What factors determine pricing?
    • How far in advance should I schedule an event?
    • Can you bill me?
    • What if we have extra material for shredding?
    • What if the truck fills up before the shred event ends?
    • Can I bring materials other paper to be recycled?
    • Can you provide me with your logo?

    Depending on the anticipated number of people, the truck can fill up prior to the end of the event. For popular events, we bring an extra truck to hold overages. We also provide a report after the event on how much material was recycled and the number of trees were saved. Some customers have used this metric I their newsletters. Shred Events can be used to promote the following endeavors:

    • Homeowners Association Garage Sale
    • Food and Book Drives
    • School Fundraising Events
    • Customer Appreciation
    • Financial Planning

    Often times, we do shred events in conjunction with other recyclers such as electronics, batteries, yard clippings, clothing, oil/paint collectors.

    How it Works

    Log Job


    Driver arrives at your location.


    Stationary (containers without wheels):

    Driver uses master key to unlock the container.

    a) Material is emptied into larger container and locked (stationary container)


    b) Full container remains locked and is taken to shred truck (non-stationary container).

    Note: Material is always kept secure.


    The contents of the container are shredded.

    The container is returned to the office (non-stationary container).

    Log Job

    Driver logs completion of service. Chain-of-Custody is tracked until material reaches shredding facility.

    Mobile Shredding Services

    Getting the Word Out

    Shred Connect recommends a 90-day period to prepare a flyer or landing page in order to get the word out. In addition to the location, date and time, it’s important for people to know what items cannot be shredded. We also recommend that you impose a maximum on the amount of material one person can bring to be shredded. This way, the truck does not fill to capacity before the end of the event. The shred event communication should also disclose to prospective attendees that their material will be sorted prior to being shredded. We must ensure the material does not contain items that cannot be shredded.

    Pricing and Payment

    Pricing is per hour with a three-hour minimum. This price includes a shred truck and two shred assistants. Payment is due at the conclusion of the event unless prior arrangements are made. You are provided with an invoice along with certificate of destruction.


    The Shred Event crew arrives 30 minutes prior to the event for parking in a location visible to your expected visitors. We prepare by setting up, creating a cone perimeter to restrict access to parts of the truck to avoid people getting too close to the equipment. We bring multiple containers for paper and a table for sorting. We ask that you provide trash cans for disposal.

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