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Contractual Agreements

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Welcome to the Scheduled Paper Shredding. This is the service that helps aligns with your identity theft prevention program, keeping your information . . . private. Having secure bins or containers means it’s much easier for your staff to follow privacy rules set forth by federal and state laws. Here, you can find quick answers to questions such as:

  • Does the container have a lock?
  • What factors determine pricing?
  • Is there a shredder inside the bin?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • What if we have extra material for shredding?
Scheduled Paper Shredding

How It Works

Log Job


Driver arrives at your location.


Stationary (containers without wheels):

Driver uses master key to unlock the container.

a) Material is emptied into larger container and locked (stationary container)


b) Full container remains locked and is taken to shred truck (non-stationary container).

Note: Material is always kept secure.


The contents of the container are shredded.

The container is returned to the office (non-stationary container).

Log Job

Driver logs completion of service. Chain-of-Custody is tracked until material reaches shredding facility.

With this service, you are provided with a secure container and key at no cost. The container is almost a VIP; those who were responsible for keeping up with the shredding beforehand are all too happy once the container arrives.

You are also given the option to have your material shredded onsite or offsite; each includes a Certificate of Destruction. Once the schedule is set, we setup the frequency and add your office to the route.

We often take extra material in addition to what will not fit in the shred container. If you have extra material, you are charged a per box price (at a large discount from the standard price). The extra charge is added to your bill at the end of the month.

Container Options

We have four different size containers we keep in stock. If you want a certain type of finish or have a need for a special type container, we can send you a link to the manufacturer’s catalog. Here are the containers showing the number of pounds, height and dimensions. All containers lock:

NameContainerCapacityDimensions (width x depth)
Linda50 lbs.24” High
21.75” Wide x 15.5” Deep
Kathy70 lbs.36” High
15.5” Wide x 15.5” Deep
Judy125 lbs.38” High
19.5” Wide x 21.5” Deep
Mike250 lb.42” High
26” Wide x 26.5” Deep
Bruce335 lbs.44” High
25” Wide x 34” Deep

Pricing and Payment

Price depends on the location, container size, quantity and frequency of service. Another factor is the type of service. If you want onsite shredding, then the cost is higher than if we transport your material and shred it at our facility. Both service costs are surprisingly affordable and a lot easier than relying on staff to keep up with shredding. You are invoiced every month with terms net 30. You can keep a credit card on file or can opt to pay your bill online.


The entire time to service depends on the quantity and location of containers. Also, we ask that your office organizes surrounding offices to bring their shredding to the container. Unfortunately, we can no longer take the time to empty personal boxes and recycle bins from individual offices. All material should be deposited into the shred bin prior to service.


Question Mark

Shred Connect does not have a contract for scheduled paper shredding service. If you wish to cancel, we ask for a 30-day notice.

Shred Connect charges by the service. For example, if you require multiple visits within a month, then the cost would be higher than having service once a month.

You are provided with an invoice each month with net 30 term. You will never find extra charges on your invoice (i.e., fuel and recycle fees) unless extra material was agreed upon by both parties.

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