Welcome to the Paper Shredding Pickup service, informally known as Load & Go paper shredding. With this service, we come to your location, load your material and transport it to our facility where our plant-based shredder handles the destruction.

This service is popular among those people who have boxes on pallets to shred on a routine basis. Other individual and businesses opt for offsite shredding because they want affordability and convenience. The best part is that this service does not require pre-sorting or worrying about what to do with a big pile of boxes.

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Pricing depends on quantity and ease of load. If you have a significant amount of boxes on pallets, then we quote a flat rate. For all other jobs, we typically charge a small minimum (includes the first 10 boxes) plus a per-box price for any count after 10. If your material is not in boxes, we can use our containers to measure quantity. We never quote one price and then charge another.

Paper Shredding Services


Time inhibitors involve the proximity of material to the truck, quality and size of the box. For example, boxes with lids will stack much quicker. Also, loading oversize boxes can take longer than your standard-size, file storage box. Approximate timing for pallet loads is 15 minutes whereas manual loads take 30 minutes (based on 100 boxes). If you’re in a rush, coffee might add a spring to the driver’s step. 

Getting Ready

With the Paper Shredding Pickup service, we bring hand trucks and a pallet jack. If your material is at a storage facility, it helps if the boxes are pulled out and ready to load. Since we sort at the warehouse, you do not have to worry about handling the boxes. Empty boxes are broken down and sent to the local cardboard recycler.

Paper Shredding Services


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Yes. With the pickup service, you will save approximately 30% from the mobile shredding cost.

Yes. With the pickup service, we load and go.

No. You are not required to sort the material. It is sorted at the warehouse.

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