Mobile Paper Shredding



    Welcome to those who have an insurmountable amount of paper that needs to be shredded. And sooner rather than later! Whether you’re new to mobile paper shredding . . . or you’ve done it before and are looking for a repeat performance, you have come to the right place. When I describe Mobile Paper Shredding as on-the-spot shredding where you get to watch your material being shredded. It does not matter how much material you have. We will schedule an appointment for one box.

    Here, you can find quick answers to questions such as:
    • How does it work?
    • What do you charge?
    • How long does it take?
    • How do I make an appointment?
    • How do I get my stuff ready for shredding?
    For starters, here’s an overview of a typical mobile paper shredding job:

    How It Works


    Call (888) 962-9629 or request an appointment. We can typically add you to our schedule within 2 days of your call. You are given a 2-hour timeframe.


    The driver calls 30 minutes ahead of schedule to confirm appointment and advise arrival time.


    Material is shredded while you watch.


    We accept cash, check, credit card. Credit cards are processed on the spot.

    Certificate of Destruction

    You receive a Certificate of Destruction. Retain for evidence of destruction up to 3 years.

    Convenience, Certainty and a Certificate of Destruction.


    We have a 10-box minimum which means that if you have anywhere from one box up to 10, this material is included in the minimum charge. Any box after 10, we charge a per-box price. The minimum is waived for significant box quantity. What if my material is not in a box?

    Shredding quantity determines price. The more you have, the lower the price. Five boxes or less is what we consider to be small amount to shred. You can still utilize the Mobile Paper Shredding service, however, we give you some other options to save on price. For example, if have a busy schedule, you may want to consider taking your material to a Shred It for Less™ location.

    Mobile Paper Shredding Services
    Shredded Paper Pile


    Regardless of quantity, the mobile shredding equipment can make short work of intact paper. For example, it takes approximately two minutes to shred a large container of paper. Since we measure paper quantity by the box, we use our mobile containers. These are the same containers used by the truck to lift and dump paper into the shredding machine. We know that each container holds six boxes. Let’s say you have 20 boxes and somewhere to go. The total shred time will take approximately 10 minutes to shred 20 boxes.

    Getting Ready

    Delays in mobile paper shredding are caused by material that cannot be shredded. Before your material is dumped into the container, we do a quick scan. If your material has any of the items listed below, then we promptly separate the material from the paper and continue. Here, we look at the material for items we cannot or prefer not to shred.

    The following table lists the most common items considered as contaminants to paper recyclers:

    Material TypeDescription Allowable Form
    PlasticPlastic overwrap, bags, folders, sheet protectorsCut out address label
    Hanging File FolderArmy-green color with metal armsRemove metal
    CardboardCheck boxes, receipt holderEmpty checks, receipts
    VinylCheck book coversRemove vinyl cover
    Glossy PaperMagazinesCut out address label
    NOTE: We cannot accept material with X-ray film such as dental files.


    Question Mark

    No. The shredder has 12 blades that pulverize your material to popcorn-size.

    Yes . . . there is a camera on the side of the truck and you can watch it being shredded.

    No .  . . Staples and paper clips are okay to go through the shredder. We do remove the large bull clips.

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