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    Having a team you can count on to handle end-of-life inventory is critical. Today, companies need a certified partner in dealing with excess, obsolete products and devices. At Shred Connect, we understand the importance of certified product destruction while safeguarding your brand and generating minimal waste. With over 10 years experience, we have served a wide spectrum of industries.

    Certified Product Destruction

    How It Works


    You can either ship your products to us, have them picked up by us at your facility, or have your distribution partners send the materials to us directly.


    When goods arrive at our facility, each container is unsealed, scanned and compared to the Bill of Lading and inventory list.


    The products are removed from packaging, separating material to be destroyed from recyclable.


    Material is destroyed within 48 hours of receipt, with the help of 1400 hsp and 11 rotating blades.

    Certificate of Destruction

    You receive a Certificate of Destruction along with pre- and post-destruction pictures of your material.

    National and local companies choose Shred Connect as their primary partner for secure product destruction. Why? It’s simple. Customers trust Shred Connect to deliver on its services—from transport to destruction to disposal, each and every time. Shred Connect employs environmentally sound practices as products are brought from the usable to non-usable state.

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    Whenever possible, post-destruction material is recycled, without sacrificing brand integrity. For example, items such as plastic debris, shredded textiles and cardboard are dispositioned for recycling instead of landfill disposal.

    Products are destructed for various reasons, some of which include goods that are expired, overages, outdated, defective, damaged, recalled or returned. Lately, Shred Connect has seen an increase in obsolete promotional materials. For the past 10 years, Shred Connect has established and maintains relationships with some of largest medical supply, garment, nutrition, foodservice, and promotional entities in the nation. Shred Connect also oversees the secure destruction and disposal of items recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Shred Connect guarantees product destruction through its high-capacity destruction equipment and secure facilities. If requested, Shred Connect can provide you with pictures or video as evidence of destruction. Shred Connect also provides a Certificate of Destruction within 72 hours of receiving product.


    Direct Channel Management

    When goods arrive at our facility, each container is unsealed and compared to the Bill of Lading and inventory list. Some of our customers have chosen Shred Connect to minimize its costs and workload through direct channel management of defective, damaged and returned post-consumer goods. The direct channel management process means material for destruction is sent straight to Shred Connect instead of back to the manufacturer. This not only saves money on shipping and storage, but also simplifies the return process.

    Recall Custodian
    Every year, hundreds of medical devices are recalled due to issues in manufacturing, labeling, packaging and usage. Say hello to your recall partner. Shred Connect employs certified destruction and disposal practices and are apprised of FDA recordkeeping and reporting requirements. We maintain a strict adherence to inventory management protocols to itemize each and every unit destroyed.
    Certified Product Destruction

    Shred Connect limits its product destruction to non-hazardous solid waste. Further, we follow material handling guidelines defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If Shred Connect identifies hazardous material amongst the goods we have accepted as non-hazardous, then this material is set aside for hazardous material handling and disposal. We go one step further and employ strict protocols for using physical treatments to lessen the amount of disposal-related waste. Our commitment to lessen land disposal is extended through material exchange partnerships.

    Product Specialization

    Shred Connect has destroyed a wide range of products, including but not limited to:

    • Post-consumer returns
    • Medical supplies (saline, tubing, respiratory)
    • Negotiable Instruments (gift cards, credit cards, gaming, poker chips, playing cards)
    • Promotional materials (posters, guides, signs, invitations)
    • Defective products
    • Damaged goods
    • Consumer electronics
    • Sporting goods
    • Expired goods
    • Product overruns
    • Damaged in Transit
    • Excess inventory
    • Unused Textiles (scrubs, uniforms, umbrellas, hats, shirts)

    Pivot Forward

    Safety and Security

    Shred Connect puts security and safety as its number one priority where our facility is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance inside and out. Starting from the point of acquisition, your material is catalogued and registered in our system. Our receiving system automatically compares units received to those destroyed, with critical stop points and checks, we ensure the job is complete and performed in a secure and safe manner following strict protocols at each step in the product destruction process. No product that Shred Connect destroys can ever be used again.

    Protect the Environment

    We are committed to protect the planet and take every possible step to reduce environmental impact of product destruction and disposal. That’s why we go an extra mile to ensure that preparation protocols are followed to reduce the amount of disposal-related waste. So, when you choose to work with Shred Connect, you are proactively supporting a more sustainable option for product destruction.

    Peace of Mind

    When it comes to client satisfaction, with Shred Connect, you know that your products are properly destroyed. Shred Connect accounts for every item. Quality assurance checkpoints are in place to verify the product destruction process is complete. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction with pictures to certify the destruction process.

    Shredding Team

    Related FAQs

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    It depends on the project—it could be unit, box, or weight. It is likely that we will want to meet with you and see the products. In lieu of meeting in person, we require pictures.

    If the material requires extraction of flammable material such as batteries and magnets will include a special-handling fee. This type of work will extend the 48-hour destruction agreement.

    Payment is due at the time of service unless otherwise arranged.

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