Welcome, Generation Alpha!

We were surprised by our oldest son and his girlfriend gave us a gift bag. It wasn’t even close to our birthdays. What could it be? A surprise, indeed!

And by summer, our family got bigger by one precious, little girl. According to social researcher, Mark McCrindle, anyone born between the years of 2010 and 2024 are referred to as Generation Alpha.

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Speaking of Alpha, you can imagine the anticipation and excitement with the arrival of Gianna Mari.

We got to celebrate some big Firsts with the birth of our grandchild, affectionately called Piñon (after my grandma’s favorite nut) . . . first grandchild, first girl in a generation of only boys . . . and, first wee one to wear a Shred Connect uniform.

As you can see, Gianna didn’t share in our delight and was not too thrilled to represent Shred Connect. In fact, she was downright ticked off and let everyone within 25 yards of the office know how she felt!

It was a unanimous decision to quickly spare her this particular “first.” Although Gianna loves to spend time working with Daddy, she’s much happier when on-time bottles come her way. What she doesn’t know … yet … is there’s a torch with her name on it. If grandma could, I would tell give her a few pointers right out of the gate:

·        It’s about the customer. The customer and their experience is the single most important part of this business.

·        A smile is easy and takes a lot less energy than not smiling.

·        When shredding for the elderly, remain patient and go that extra mile.

·        Be considerate of the customer’s time. Always keep them informed if running late.

·        On the road, use your mirrors.

·        Don’t take the rig up to the top of a high hill where there is no room to turn around!

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Two bottom teeth in, Gianna is more content to put things in her mouth and hang out with mom and dad.

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