Certainty in Brand Protection

Typically, articles of this type are targeted to marketers and manufacturers. Shred Connect meets products for the first time at the end-of-life (EOL) cycle. These are products that have been designated as those that no longer can be purchased by a customer for one reason or another.

As purveyors of all things related to identity protection, Shred Connect is well-versed in making sure private information—both print and digital—stays private. This ownership extends to product destruction which is why we make sure the product’s brand is never compromised.

Shred Connect is frequently contracted to destroy products, taking the intact to rubble. Products is a broad term used to describe materials such as medical equipment, uniforms, labels, personal electronics, promotional and other oddities. Since we receive products at the EOL stage, the customer is often the distributor or merchandiser, not the owner of the brand.

Shred Connect takes it one step further, recognizing that brand integrity needs to be safeguarded. We approach brand protection with careful consideration, pre- and post- destruction. We also require that our employees commit to brand integrity by signing an acknowledgement to ensure a common understanding that all products remain on premises.

Shred Connect keeps its destruction inventory safe after-hours through 24-hour monitoring and surveillance. Although the job sponsor may be more concerned with freeing up warehouse space than protecting brand integrity, the brand owner is protected with Shred Connect.

Another aspect of brand protection involves identity. Many uniforms are personalized. This personalization extends to gear and equipment. It is important that personalized items are not disposed intact as the brand could be exposed to fraud or counterfeit practices. Shred Connect ensures that brand-sensitive material is shredded so that it is rendered useless where any personalization or brand name is not salvageable.

Brand Protection Practices

When Shred Connect is hired for a product destruction, the product is analyzed to determine the best approach to bring all components to its utmost, non-intact form. Brands bound by industry regulations may require another form of shredding to protect its intellectual property.

If your material is brand-sensitive, find a provider who works with you to implement the following best practices:

  • Ask for samples of particle size.
  • Seal cartons with a tamper-evident tape.
  • Monitor or require the unseal process be videotaped with the date/timestamp
  • Monitor or require the destruction process be videotaped with the date/timestamp

Further, Shred Connect always uses video evidence of certified product destruction, backed by a Certificate of Destruction. Your brand is important and when the road leads to Shred Connect, brand protection matters!

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