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Exit: Product Destruction and Disposal

Shred Connect is a product destruction and disposal partner with all-inclusive pricing for transportation, destruction and disposal services. Since 2012, we have provided cost-effective solutions to recycle and dispose end-of-life products. Our customers consist of corporations, manufacturers, third-party and reverse logistics operators. The type of product accepted for destruction are those in the non-liquid and non-hazardous categories. This includes damaged goods, manufacturing defects, returns, recalls and expired products. Shred Connect considers the destruction process to […]

Mobile Shredding Service La Habra

Somebody Told Me . . . You Better Shop Around

Somebody Told Me . . . You Better Shop Around You have made up your mind—almost—to hire a professional shredding company. You realize that your small shredder is no match for the mass of material that sits there. The longer the stack sits, the larger it becomes. A lot of times people call and say, “I’ve never done this before . . . how does it work?” This article gives you tips to have a […]

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