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Stop the Shredder!

This article features a big shredder gripe . . . yes, I feel entitled to an occasional one. This gripe relates to those who put things in the secure records destruction container not meant for the shredder. The certified shredding custodian – not sure what our official title is — is left to scratch their […]

Big City Salutes

If they gave awards for shred truck drivers, I’ve witnessed quite a number of deserving document destruction providers. I propose a toast or shiny trinket to recognize those that do mobile document destruction in the big city. This job is not for the faint-hearted and can be as thankless as being the garbage man, even […]

Its Personal

It’s a personal decision, but it may be time to question an establishment why they need your driver’s license and/or social security number. The Office of Privacy Protection in our state publishes recommendations for businesses and health care providers in the use of collecting such information. Remember paying by check back in the day? The […]

Paper Shredding in the OC

The paper shredding truck I drive doesn’t play a song like the one with the ice cream cones—however, personal rewards are not lost with this job. Most people are glad to see me. My customers call me when they want on-site paper shredding. I see relief in their expression upon my arrival and they’re more […]