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5 Facts About Paper Shredding You Need to Know

Security is about end-to-end protection of confidential information, and the most effective way to provide security to individuals and businesses is paper shredding services. Paper shredding must be a part of a good system of the business process because not protecting your confidential information just for the sake of saving pocket change will ultimately benefit your competitors.

This blog highlights the five most interesting facts you may not have known about your document and paper shredding services.

Read on to know what the process of shredding involves and where it has come from.

  1. Most of the frauds and identity thefts are tied to the printed information on papers such as fraudulent changes of address, information taken from the garbage, as a lost or stolen checkbook or wallet, or stolen paper mail.

    However, shredding isn’t just for documents. Most of the document shredding companies in Irvine and all over America also shred and dispose of hard drives. The advanced document shredding machines can shred through binder clips, hanging file folders, rubber bands, etc.

  1. Although the first shredder emerged in 1909, it didn’t become popular until the late 1980s. Prior to 1980, the shredders were used only in commercial, government, and industrial sectors. But after 1980, people started using paper shredding machines at home to protect their information all on their own.
    Paper Shredding
    It was Watergate scandal that brought paper shredding into the national spotlight. Prior to the Watergate scandal, paper shredding was nothing more than a background business that was only run by lawyers and government officials.
  1. In 1988, the Supreme Court ruled that the trash will be considered as a public property if it’s on the curb. After the announcement of this new rule, paper shredding became more popular among homeowners across America.
  2. The use of paper shredders is not only limited to destroying documents and papers but are also used in forensic investigations. The construction of the blades of the paper shredder and the way it shreds paper is always unique, even if the shredders come from a single manufacturer, which solely means that document shredders come with their own fingerprints.
  3. Paper shredding not only improves security and compliance but also has a strong environmental effect. The shredded paper is more straightforward to recycle, and that’s how paper shredding services encourages sustainability.

Shred Connect is a local mobile shredding company in Irvine. Our aim is to help you purge your papers securely and safely while preventing private and confidential information from being stolen. To schedule your shredding service today, call us at (949) 272-5654