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    mobile paper shredding

    Get peace of mind as you watch your material being shredded.


    Skip the noise and save up to 30% over the cost of mobile paper shredding.


    10 nearby locations are equipped with secure containers for drop off.


    Horsepower and blades here, ready for products classified as recalls, end-of-life, expired, obsolete, damaged-in-transit, etc.

    mobile paper shredding

    Get peace of mind as you watch your material being shredded

    Paper Shredding Pickup
    Skip the noise and save up to 30% over the cost of mobile paper shredding.
    scheduled paper shredding

    Satisfy compliance with a secure container and regularly scheduled service.

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    shred it for less™

    12 nearby locations are equipped with secure containers for drop off.

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    Industrial Paper Shredding Service
    certified product destruction

    Horsepower and blades here, ready for  products classified as recalls, end-of-life, expired, obsolete, damaged-in-transit, etc.

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    Piece of mind comes with powerful machinery on wheels. Your sensitive information is no match for an inevitable outcome: popcorn-size particles.

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    Paper Shredding Pickup

    Skip the noise and sorting with paper shredding pickup. Save 30% over the minimum cost of mobile service. Your material is loaded and transported to our warehouse where we use a plant-based shredder to pulverize your material.

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    Scheduled Paper Shredding

    Prioritize security by protecting one of the most important assets -- your information. With regularly scheduled service, you are provided with a container and key.

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    Shred It for Less™ Locations

    Get convenience, security and affordability with Shred It for Less™. No appointment necessary when you drop off material for shredding. Your material is held secure until it is shredded.

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    Certified Product Destruction

    The final journey is in sight as Shred Connect specializes in the destruction and disposal of end-of-life products. Horsepower and blades denature unwanted products and protect brand identity.

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    About Destruction​

    De ∙ struc ∙ tion. The action of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists. Welcome to the home of Shred Connect. Destruction is in our DNA. Here, we guarantee certainty, security and worry-free destruction. We thrive on taking private, expired, obsolete, recalled, and end-of-life (EOL) material and breaking it down to its smallest, recyclable form. Being green is also part of our makeup and we strive to maximize recycling while minimizing disposal. Today, you can count on us to deliver with even more services than ever. Our reward is satisfied customers who keep coming back time and again.

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    Mobile Paper Shredding

    The Mobile Paper Shredding service is where a specialized truck comes to your location equipped with an industrial-strength shredder. Service is scheduled by appointment and you are notified 30 minutes ahead of arrival. The shred truck needs ample space to complete the shredding as the truck is 22’ long and 15’ wide, without the chute open. The driver parks at your curb or in a lot, in proximity to the material that needs to be shredded. Whether we shred one box or 500, the document destruction process is the same. You point to the material and the technician will wheel a container to the material and fill. The material is then loaded onto the truck (think residential garbage collection). An onboard camera shows the shredding from a safe distance. The documents are loaded onto a conveyor belt where 12 blades are spinning and ready. Seconds later, it’s over. You are provided with a Certificate of Destruction . . . a smile and a heartfelt thank you.

    On Site Shredding Services

    People choose this service when they want to witness the document destruction process. Knowing your private information is no longer vulnerable gives you piece of mind and satisfaction. Problem solved and there is now free space in which to fill. See Mobile Paper Shredding to watch a video of the process and learn about pricing. Another helpful resource is the FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions.

    Scheduled Paper Shredding

    Scheduled Paper Shredding

    The Offsite Paper Shredding service is usually people who know the drill and want a hassle-free way to get documents shredded. While others may be in a restricted are in an area where onsite shredding is not possible. Many repeat customers opt for off-site shredding because of the convenience . . . and lower cost. With the Offsite Paper Shredding service, you don’t have to be concerned with sorting material or disposal of boxes. The service also comes with a lot less noise, significant cost savings, and a Certificate of Destruction.

    You are notified approximately 30 minutes prior to arrival within a given timeframe. Upon arrival, the crew brings the material to the truck. The truck is loaded either by hand or pallet. The crew prepares the load for transport and locks the door. At the warehouse, the truck is unloaded, material is unboxed and dumped in the shredder where it becomes pulverized – or what we call popcorn-sized particles. Say that 10 times! See Paper Shredding Pickup to watch a video of the process and learn about pricing. Another helpful resource is the FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions.

    Paper Shredding Pickup

    Many companies make the smart choice to have a document destruction plan where private information is managed with certainty. Enter . . . Scheduled Paper Shredding service. With this service, Shred Connect provides secure containers at no cost. You decide how often service is needed. Shred Connect adds your location to a route where service occurs on a scheduled basis. And the best part (in my opinion) is NO contract . . . while some customers would disagree and say that the cute keychain is a hands-down favorite.

    This means you are not bound to a set number of months . . . or years.
    We ask that you agree to a set of terms outlined in our Service Agreement such as pricing and billing. Other terms simply state that the container(s) used for service remain the property of Shred Connect and that—at the end of service–our inventory is returned undamaged. If the container gets full before the date of service, then we make alternative arrangements. As a continued customer, you can also take advantage of a lower price for purges or bulk shredding. Another aspect of Scheduled Paper Shredding is to assist with annual purges by providing additional containers on a short-term basis. Delivery, service and pickup of containers is a separate cost. See Scheduled Paper Shredding to watch a video of the process and check out container availability. Another helpful resource is the FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions.

    Document Shredding Services

    Shred It for Less™ Locations

    Locations Map

    Another option for paper shredding is the Shred It for Less™ service. With this service, you have access to shredding 7 days a week. Simply visit one of our 12 locations where no appointment is necessary. We have partnered with area storage facilities and mail shops to make shredding available to everyone. Your material is held secure until the location’s containers fill up. Some locations have a small number of containers while other locations fill up quicker. When you use the Shred It for Less™ service, you can leave your name and email to receive a Certificate of Destruction. Certificates are issued immediately after your material is shredded. This service is ideal for quantities under 10 boxes, however, if you have more than 10 boxes, you can either consider one of our other services . . . or call the location directly and ask if they have room to keep your material secure until it is shredded. Check out Shred It for Less™ Locations to watch a video of the process, get pricing and find a location near you. Another helpful resource is the FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions.

    Shred Events

    Get it on the calendar! Shred Events are a service favorite of ours. We really enjoy meeting members of the community. Each year, we participate in a growing number of Shred Events. Another bonus of this effort is that there is even more paper to recycle. Sufficient time to promote the event seems to be the determining factor in an event’s popularity . . . and success. Shred Events can be public . . . or private. Private events help boost customer appreciation while public events let the community know who is there to stay. These events are typically free to the customer and this means that one individual can show up with significantly more than the others. For this reason, we encourage the sponsor to limit the number of boxes an individual can bring. This way, there is guaranteed space for everyone’s material and avoids us having to empty the truck before the event ends. Check out Shred Events to learn about pricing terms and more. Another helpful resource is the FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions.

    2021 Calender

    Certified Product Destruction

    Product Destruction Services
    The Certified Product Destruction service is available to manufacturers and distributers of products in the end-of-life (EOL) stage. These products are categorized as recalls, expired, obsolete, damaged in transit, or have other manufacturing oddities. No matter because we have the equipment to reduce product to unusable rubble. The plant-based shredders are used to destroy non-hazardous material. With nearly 8 years of product destruction, we understand the importance of brand integrity and confidentiality. Recycling also plays an important role with this service as we strive to keep non-recyclable material disposal to a minimum. Our product destruction process is FDA compliant and we can also help you prepare for pending audits. With our worry-free Certified Product Destruction, you get:

    Competitive Pricing. Volume discounts plus all-inclusive pricing.

    Security and Certainty. 24-Hour surveillance, Dishonesty Insurance and video evidence. Witness destruction is also available.

    Certificate of Destruction. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction once your products are shredded.

    Nationwide Transport. We partner with Uber Freight, represented by independent truck drivers, to provide nationwide freight services.

    Superior Service. Responsive, continuous communication and friendly service. References provided upon request. Your material is shredded within 48 hours of unload.

    Certified Product Destruction can be a worry-free process. Our facility is secure, equipped with 24-hour video surveillance. Our service comes standard with video evidence of the destruction process and a Certificate of Destruction. You are welcome to witness the destruction process.

    For more information, check out Certified Product Destruction to watch a video and learn how the destruction process works. Another helpful resource is the FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions.

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    Top 12 Items we Cannot Shred

    Shred Connect does not breakdown or dispose of hazardous waste. In addition, here are a list of items that cannot be shredded:

    *Address cut-out is acceptable

    What Our Customers Have To Say

    Pete WyattParts Manufacturer

    I have been using Shred Connect for the past 10 years. I would never consider another company to handle our private information. It’s a family-owned business that is local and cares about its customers.

    James HydeLaw Firm, Santa Ana

    It was time to retire and I had 30 years of office to clean up. The guys at Shred Connect went above and beyond and still kept smiling.

    Jessica C.Private resident – Yorba Linda

    My grandmother passed away and it was hard to go through her belongings. Brendan at Shred Connect was so kind and took his time, even finding a forgotten wallet with money.

    Victor ChurchAdministrator – Doctor’s office

    I work for a doctor’s office and we have used Shred Connect for the past five years. They are so kind and easy to work with. It’s hard for the doctor to pay on the spot so they let us send in payment. Such a lifesaver!

    Nolan WoodsArchitecture and Engineering

    I had to meet the guys out near a storage container near the airport. This place was loud, dirty and full of spiders. The guys took full control of the boxes and faced the spiders so I didn’t have to! They made my job so much easier.

    Andrew JenningsReal Estate Firm

    Every year, Shred Connect helps with our community shred event. Time and again, this company comes through. We are happy to call Shred Connect our partner.

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